Netizens Flex Their Pantun Skills To Win JD Sports RM100 Voucher from Celcom & It’s Hilarious

For Maxis, Umobile and Digi users, you probably missed the whole Celcom outage fiasco that caused netizens to go berserk on social media. While we were all chilling, Celcom users experienced a sudden technical difficulty that led to interruptions surrounding making calls, sending texts and using the internet.

Since we’re all creatures hooked to our cellphones, this outage did not go unchecked. Celcom posted a tweet explaining the situation which has now garnered over 8k retweets and close to 2k replies. As a way to reenter their customers’ good graces, Celcom offered their users free internet from 6pm to midnight on October 4.

In an unrelated campaign on October 7, in celebration of Hari Pantun, Celcom kickstarted a campaign where users can send in their most creative pantuns in order to stand a chance to win a JD Sports voucher worth RM100.

All netizens had to do was quote tweet the initial post, write a little rhyme and hashtag it with #CelcomBelanja. To ignite the excitement, Celcom included their own pantun which reads, “Pinggan tak retak, nasi tak dingin, Celcom belanja, semua teringin.”

Since we’re all aware of Malaysians’ habit of being funny on social media, we’ve compiled a few pantuns that made us chuckle. Here they are in all of their glory…

Just for gags, I will attempt to make my own pantun… just for you Celcom! Here it goes:

Makan tak kenyang,
mandi tak basah, 
Hanya Celcom ku sayang, 
yang lain boleh blah!

The contest is still on-going until 11:59pm tonight so send in your poems now!