Netizens Are Calling Touch ‘n Go a Scam, Some Even Plan to Boycott The Smart Card

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(source: NST)

While scrolling through Twitter this week, I noticed that many netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction towards the smart card – Touch ‘n Go (TNG) – used by Malaysian toll expressways as the only electronic payment system.  In fact, some have also called for a boycott towards the Malaysian company.

Before reading these tweets, here’s one obvious thing you need to keep in mind: According to Malaysia Kini – all highway, public transport and public parking that use electronic payment systems are controlled by Touch ‘n Go SDN BHD.

I should add that when you reload your TNG card at a third-party location like the MRT or some petrol stations, you will be charged 50 cents. When you use it for parking, there’s a surcharge of 10%. Many netizens have wondered what these charges are actually for.

(source: Rojak Daily)

Many are also pissed with the fact that, if your card is inactive – even if you have money in it – the balance cannot be transferred to a new card (which they will make you buy for RM10.60). TNG will only transfer your previous balance to your bank account after 30 days.

The crazy thing is, you will be penalised for keeping your money in the expired TNG card and the dormant fee will escalate according to the period of deactivation. For example, you will be charged RM10.60 after 18 months of deactivation, RM16.20 for 24 months, and so on.

According to The Star, the company is holding 20 million cards. So, if each card holds on average, a RM10 balance – TNG would easily have more than RM200mil in their bank. Just like the question above, what are they doing with this fund?

Netizens apparently caught on to it, so let’s take a look at what some of them had to say:












Although these “terms and conditions” have been here since forever, it took one person (first picture) on social media to get netizens talking. Malaysians might be late, no doubt distracted by other polarising issues, but hey, at least it’s something! Perhaps what TNG could do is listen to the consumers and be more transparent on the how’s and why’s of their operations.

As for the monopoly part, the gov’t should consider bringing in more players which would force TNG to improve their services and remove unfair terms. A reminder that: Listening to the rakyat is important!

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