ScreenX: GSC Launches New Premium Panoramic Cinema Experience

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Text: Atira Zk

Our eyes give us peripheral vision, we notice things 120 degrees in front of us, which is
probably why the jealous girlfriend meme is universally relatable.

As movies get more visually sophisticated, so does the cinematic experience. Earlier this week, GSC launched a new way to enjoy films, with the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology, ScreenX. 

Designed to bring the audience into the film they’re watching—like they’re a part of the film—with its three screens and 270-degree panoramic view; JUICE had the chance to experience it first-hand with a special screening of IT Chapter 2.

ScreenX project visuals onto the main screen and plays the film as usual, but here’s where it gets interesting… it matches additional footage to the side walls that are lined with a special fabric, extending all the way to the back of the theatre. This enhances the atmospheric vibe of the film.

Imagine Kanye’s 2012 short film, Cruel Summer, a 30-minute visuals trip that was shot on a 7-camera rig, fired on seven screens simultaneously, with ScreenX constantly switching the full format on and off. It might be distracting to some viewers as some shots used the full format while some didn’t.

GSC launched ScreenX exclusively at GSC 1 Utama. And the film chosen to display ScreenX’s visual prowess—IT Chapter 2—was apt. Providing audiences with a unique new dimension of the horror-thriller, the whole experience was something else, and dare we say, more immersive compared to previous cinematic tech like 3D, 4DX, IMAX and D-BOX motion seats.

The new technology is currently only available in GSC 1 Utama. ScreenX will soon make its way to two other locations in 2020. Movie tickets for ScreenX are priced at RM29.

For more information, log on to or check out their social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @gscinemas for the latest updates.