WATCH: Man Dressed As Joker Arrested for Halloween Subway Knife & Fire Attack in Tokyo

Halloween is commonly known for being the one time in the year where you can dress as lavishly or as ridiculously as you want so people can point at you and go, “Hey, cool costume dude!”

Most people take this opportunity to go partying or just have a chill night-in with friends but one Japanese man decided to harness his antagonistic side and lodge an attack in the Tokyo subway.

Dressed as the Joker, this 24-year-old man wreaked havoc by lighting carriages on fire and even stabbing several people near Kokuryo station. He ended up injuring 17 people, seriously wounding 3.

Eye witnesses at first thought it was a Halloween stunt but were soon proven wrong when the man menacingly waved his knife around and crowds began to spill from one carriage to another, running away in fear.

Watch the clip below:

An elderly man fell unconscious after he was stabbed by the assailant.

When the suspect was arrested, he reportedly justified his actions by saying he wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death. He was also caught leisurely smoking a cigarette on the train before his arrest.

Dozens of firefighters and police officers flooded the scene.

At the moment, minimal information has been released regarding the identity of the perpetrator.