3 Siblings Have Unique Names Since Their Parents Named Them After A Dating App… Guess What It Is?

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Mustaghfirin (1st left) and his siblings set social media abuzz after a video on their Dot Com last names have gone viral. — Picture by TikTok/wakelotkangcopet88/Tribunnews
source: Malay Mail

Last year, many newborns were given unique names that were in trend with the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, these Indonesian siblings are unique because their parents actually named them after the dating app that they met on, which is a chat platform called Alamak.com from the ’90s.

Siblings Salsabila Shofwah Alamak Dot Com, Mustaghfirin Nazhmi Ramadhan Dot Com and Daffa Fawwaz Robbani Dot Com became the centre of attention on TikTok after a viral video showing their names caught the interest of users.

Take a look:

@wakelotkangcopet88Balas @karinluluwill masih langka aku kan wek🤣♬ original sound – kajirama88 – dotcom

An oddly adorable gesture, their parents decided to name them these – for a lack of a better word – unique names in order to immortalise the way they met. According to Mustaghfirin,

“Because it was through that website that the both of them met, they wanted us to bear the names to remember that moment where they both united.”

Of course, with names like these, it arouses suspicion and fascination from strangers. In school, the siblings were subject to teasing and disbelief and even had to prove to teachers that their names were Dot Com.

The now 18-year-old Mustaghfirin revealed that,

“There were times where people laughed at me because of my eccentric last name while there had been times where my school teacher and friends didn’t believe I owned such a name.”

I guess Asian parents will stop at nothing to embarrass their children…