My Chemical Romance Releases 12 New Videos, Fans Are Shook

“WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON?” is currently on every My Chemical Romance fans’ mind – due to MCR’s 12 newly released videos.

Our trunks of adolescence are open once again – remember black Hot Topic clothes, eyeliner, long fringes and angsty poetry? – thanks to MCR’s takeover of YouTube today. Well, the disbanded group just got resuscitated with new music, making fans question: “Is the band really dead?”

The 12 new videos released on MCR’s YouTube page features previously unreleased and outtake versions of their old songs like ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, ‘The Ghost of You’, ‘Planetary (GO!)’ and ‘SING’. A trip down memory lane; these videos will make you reminisce the good ol’ times…

In these videos we’ll see exclusive insights into the band. From behind-the-scenes like Gerard Way repeating the same line “I am the Master of the Wicked” and being crashed into repeatedly in ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’.

To being reminded of the time when drummer Bob Bryar suffered 3rd degree burns on the film set of Famous Last Words; talk about dedication – would you be willing to burn yo’self in order to keep the music playing?

The band having split back in 2013, has been giving a suspenseful ride to us poor fans. From teaser trailers where we expected a reunion, to these new music videos. With MCR, we can never be able to forget about our emo phase back in the 2000’s. Too bad, they just keep coming back.

Let’s also not forget what MCR did 2 days ago… the band unexpectedly updated their YouTube page with an upload of The Black Parade Is Dead! concert film back from 2008, consisting of 33 golden tracks. You can cry in reminiscence of the glorious days of MCR below (fans would have already watched this for an unhealthy number of times):

The band has been rather active this week. On Monday, Frank Iero (a.k.a Party Dad), made fans shrill their emo hearts when he replied to a Twitter fan with a MCR meme – *listens to my chemical romance once*.

The *listens to my chemical romance once* meme is what MCR fans are widely notorious for, where they compare a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ picture of having to listen to MCR once.


There’s no point in denying the truth within the meme, however, MCR fans do really live up to the meme of gettin’ emo after listening to the old band, and smouldering black eyeshadow/eyeliner around their eyes.

Okay MCR, enough with the games. Stop being a Killjoy and just tell us that you guys are reuniting?