Could ‘Imaginur’ Be M’sia’s Answer To Our Best Romance Film of All Time? Let’s Look At The Reviews…

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Betosai 🇲🇾 on Twitter: "IMAGINUR 2nd trailer!! Kurang 2 minggu lagi sebelum filem ini memukau di pawagam. ..23 Feb ini 🌀 Jemput uar-uarkan." / Twitter

It’s been awhile since a film has garnered this much praise and attention even before its official theatrical release…

Back in the days of Yasmin Ahmad’s reign on local films, Malaysians would impatiently anticipate the next release, knowing they were in for a poignant and swoon-worthy film that entwined the subject of race with romance and coming-of-age.

Films of impeccable quality have since been released after her passing, but none has received such unanimous praise like Imaginur.

Showbiz: 'Imaginur' to represent Malaysia at New York Asian Film Festival

This upcoming release stars Beto Kusyairi (of Instanbul Aku Datang fame) and Diana Danielle (Gol & Gincu Vol 2) as our two main leads as they navigate what seems like a merging of realities after our protagonist undergoes a mysterious hypnosis procedure.

Our protagonist, Zuhal, played by Beto, sees a woman in his imagination but after his procedure, he meets this woman in real life. She turns out to be Nur, who is played by Diana.

Review Filem Imaginur

Blending elements of philosophy, sci-fi and familial tensions with a bittersweet romance, Imaginur has had its audiences sobbing in theatres and praising its beautiful cinematography and unparalleled storytelling.

Those who received an early viewing were wowed by the performances of the two leads and even deemed the film Malaysia’s new crowning glory.

Imaginur rungkai misteri hipnosis

Directed by Nik Amir Mustapha (Kil and Terbaik Dari Langit) who also wrote the film alongside Redza Minhat (Kil and Pisau Cukur), the film has serious potential in solidifying itself as a local cult classic.

Watch the trailer below:

While JUICE has not seen the film yet, we trust the opinions of netizens who have. It even has the seal of approval from our Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Fahmi Fadzil.

Check out their glowing reviews below:

If you’re wondering how those cool looking headgears were made, the creator even shared a Twitter thread on the process:

From what we can tell by the trailer, the film is reminiscent of our favourite romance films, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Ruby Sparks and Stranger Than Fiction, so if you like any of those – you might enjoy Imaginur.

The film will hit theatres on February 23 and you can expect us to be seated when it does!