M’sian Woman Allegedly Led Israeli Spy Ring Alongside Local Male Employees

source: Islam Times

A local lady in her mid-30s is thought to be in charge of a Mossad network in the nation, whose runners are locals. Prior to being allegedly hired by a Mossad agent just before 2018, it is known that the woman received training as a private investigator, according to an exclusive report by New Straits Times.

In the same year, 35-year-old Palestinian scholar and Hamas member Fadi Mohamed al-Batsh was shot and killed by Mossad agents. After that, the Malaysian woman was sent abroad, including to Europe, for espionage training.

It is known that the woman received about RM120,000 in exchange for this.

The woman was thought to have organised a surveillance crew to follow two Palestinians during the snatch-and-grab incident that happened in Kuala Lumpur last month. She may have been paid €2,000 (RM9,282.20) a month on retainer by the Israelis and is said to have employed a number of local males.

In a follow-up report, NST stated that Mossad agents recently hired other Malaysians to find and kidnap two Palestinian computer programming experts they thought were members of the Hamas al-Qassam Brigade, in an event that went unnoticed by the press.

The crew apprehended the two Palestinian high-value targets on September 28 as they were ready to get into their car, which was parked at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, after they had a meal at a local shopping mall. This was part of a blatant snatch-and-grab mission in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Four men emerging out of a white vehicle, kidnapped one of the two Palestinians. The second Palestinian attempted to assist his comrade but was told to back off, and hurried to a neighbouring hotel to ask the security guards for assistance.

source: Adobe

The kidnapped Palestinian was then led to a room at a chalet while bound and blindfolded; then he was tied to a chair by the Malaysian abductors.

The victim had a video call arranged in front of him. Two men on the line said, “You know why you are here,” and he assumed they were Israelis.

Israeli media claimed that the Jewish state had waged war on Hamas internationally in May of last year. Leading Israeli officials have stated that they would pursue all Hamas leaders, no matter where they were located. They claimed that in addition to targeting Hamas officials in Gaza, Israeli forces would also target them in Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and Malaysia.

source: Times Of Israel

In a separate incident that happened on April 21, 2018, Fadi Mohamed al-Batsh, a 35-year-old Palestinian lecturer and Hamas member, was slain in a drive-by shooting in Kuala Lumpur.

His family has claimed that Mossad was responsible for his assassination. Although Hamas is said to have detained a man who purportedly admitted to having been assigned the task by the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service has denied any involvement.

Read the exclusive report by NST for the full story and to find out what happened to the kidnapped victim.