M’sian Uses His I-Sinar Funds to Rent a Lorry to Carry 1.5 Tonnes of Ketum Leaves Worth RM22,000

Arriz Sham (kanan) bersama pegawainya melihat daun ketum yang dirampas di IPD Pendang. FOTO Amran Hamid

When the PM announced that EPF withdrawals under i-Sinar would be made simpler as a way to provide aid for the country, I don’t think he anticipated that some people would be using those funds to do this…

Today (20 January), a man attempted to smuggle 1.5 tonnes of ketum leaves into Negeri Sembilan using a lorry that he rented using his i-Sinar funds.

His attempt failed when he was caught by police at Kampung Tong Prok, Mukim Padang Kerbau. The police were alerted of this situation through complaints of a lorry driver driving suspiciously.

Superintendent, Arriz Sham Hamezah, stated that they found 80 sacks filled with ketum leaves during the raid.

The 33-year-old man used to be a bus driver before he losing his job amidst the pandemic. He then began renting a lorry for RM2,500 a month using his i-Sinar savings. According to police,

“The man was suspected to have been hired to smuggle the ketum leaves into Negeri Sembilan at the rate of RM2,000 per trip. The man, who is married and has 3 children, was willing to do this task and carry these leaves from Padang Terap.”

Arriz added that they believe this was the man’s first time doing the job since he rented the lorry as soon as he received his i-Sinar savings.

The worth of all the ketum leaves in the truck amounted to RM22,000.

He is currently being investigated under Section 30(3) of the Poison’s Act 1952.