TikTok of M’sian Schoolgirl Exposing Father’s Ability in Making “Air Ketum” Leaves Netizens Shocked

When children are asked a question, they don’t hold back their words. Recently, a TikTok of a primary school girl had gone viral when she accidentally exposed that her father was good in making “air ketum“.

The 15-second video clip allegedly shows her teacher asking students if any of their fathers were good at cooking, at which point, the student raises up her hand to answer the question, which led to a burst of laughter from the rest of her class.

The video has garnered the attention of many mixed emotions of netizens with some being concerned while others are amused by her innocence. Netizens were also outraged with the teacher’s unprofessional motive for sharing the video on social media.



However, the teacher whose name is unknown, responded that the video was not meant for public viewing, as she only recorded it to be sent to the girl’s mother for reference.

“I recorded and sent the video only to my student’s mother in the hope that if it is true, that my student’s father makes ‘air ketum’, I hope the parents can keep their child safe,” she said, according to Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi, a local YouTuber, who took to his social media accounts to share the teacher’s message.

“Maybe I was wrong to have recorded the video but I did not spread it,” the teacher added, explaining that she sent the video to the student’s mother on WhatsApp after the class ended.

As reported by SAYS, she was surprised when the mother contacted her claiming that the video was viral.

“I’m not crazy to embarrass people like that at all, for God’s sake I just shared the video only with the mother of the student involved as a concerned teacher to tell her about her child in the class,” she said.

According to the 40-year-old teacher, the incident should not be extended anymore as whatever the misunderstanding, everything had been resolved amicably between all relevant parties.

“Everything was settled when I met with the parents at the District Education Office (PPD). I made a written report, which was signed by the student’s parents, who said they don’t want to raise this matter.”

According to The Rakyat Post, the release of the video has caught the attention of the National Union of the Teaching Profession as they claimed that it was highly irresponsible for an educator to commit such acts as it may tarnish the child’s image and that of her family.

Although Ketum is sometimes permitted to be used for medicinal and research purposes, it is still regulated under the supervision of the Poison Act 1952 as reported in The News Straits Times.