WATCH: Giant Christmas Baubles Roll Through London Roads Causing Havoc

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Just recently on the streets of central London, two enormous Christmas decorations the size of cars were seen careening out of control by passersby.

The enormous Christmas baubles in Tottenham Court Road were seen tumbling down the renowned shopping street in several videos posted to social media.

It’s been reported that strong winds caused the giant baubles to dislodge. In the footage, vehicles can be seen avoiding the huge ornaments tumbling wildly down the road and eventually being lifted into the air by the wind for a bit.

According to The Telegraph: “It comes as the Met Office issued warnings of strong winds and heavy rain expected to batter parts of the UK as November gets off to a blustery start. Part of the dilapidated West Pier in Brighton collapsed overnight after being battered by Storm Claudio.”

Watch the full video below:

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