M’sian Scammed Into ‘Working’ In Cambodia Says Human Traffickers Threatening To Sell His Organs

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(Source: UNODC)

Human trafficking is perhaps the most horrifying crime that has ever been performed.

Have you ever gotten an SMS message offering you a job for RM600 an hour and saying that you are the ideal candidate for the position? We regret to inform you that these are all fronts for illegal activities such as human trafficking.

A shocking number of innocent Malaysians have fallen prey to criminals after believing such texts.

One Malaysian, who accepted a job offer that included free transportation to Cambodia, is now in a precarious position.

Tay Poh Chai, an electrician in Bukit Mertajam, was offered a position in a casino in Cambodia with a ridiculous monthly salary of RM9,000.

Chai accepted the employment offer and moved to Cambodia in October of last year, despite the scepticism of his loved ones.

Chai had assured his family back home that he was doing great throughout his time away, but suddenly the former electrician reached out to them for assistance.

He phoned his mother, Khor Cha Bo, on 27 May and informed her he needed US$15,000 (RM65,992.50) to buy his freedom from his employer who threatened to sell his organs.

Since Chai’s employer was becoming impatient, he asked his mother to make the transfer as quickly as possible.

Human traffickers captured for kidnapping victims via phone scams (source: Casino.org)

Worried for his safety, Bo and Chai’s brother, Poh Heng went to Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim to hold a press conference on 13 June.

“I told him to listen to me but he refused. He said it was impossible to earn so much here,” said Heng during the press conference.

He also stated that he was unsure of who paid for the free airline ticket received by Chai when he flew to Cambodia.

Thai activist Sitanan Satsaksit speaks to reporters after her sister was kidnapped and flown to Cambodia (source: Benarnews)

The family has lodged a report to the police with the aim of bringing Chai back to Malaysia safely.

Similar crimes were committed against 16 additional Malaysians in April of this year. They have returned safely to Malaysia.

Chai’s safe return is conceivable, and we hope that the people responsible for his plight will face justice.

If you receive any job offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Just ignore that SMS.

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