M’sian Pro Freerunner Goes Viral For Awesome Parkour Video Featuring His Fresh Timberland Drip

source: abudialsagoff.com

Sports ads are always very impressive, especially if it’s coming from heavyweight brands such as Nike, Adidas and Timberland. However, Malaysian pro freerunner Abudi Alsagoff has proven that even unofficial promotional videos can be just as entertaining and high quality as those run by the brands themselves.

If you’re unfamiliar, Abudi Alsagoff is a professional freerunner and parkour artist in Malaysia with a tonne of experience under his belt. He was even invited to the CZ12 premiere where famous actor and stuntman Jackie Chan was present.

source: The Vocket

An Indo Freerun Championship champion in 2011 and a second runner-up in Singapore’s Parkour challenge in 2013, Abudi is consistently propelling himself to new heights, both literally and figuratively.

Recently, he posted a short parkour video to his Twitter, going viral almost instantly for both the visual and entertainment quality.

In the video, Abudi is seen perching on top of high rise buildings, jumping over railings and sprinting through forest trails, all in that fresh Timberland drip.

Check it out:

At the time of writing, the fashion-forward outdoor wear brand has since replied to Abudi but they haven’t featured him on their platform yet despite how intensely cool his video was.

Check out their reply:

It’s not everyday we get to see such a well-edited and choreographed promotional video done by solo influencers for a brand that they admire.

Abudi’s video was pure fun and it was an added bonus that he gave a shout-out to Timberland for their comfortable and clearly durable shoes and apparel.


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Judging from the comments, we at JUICE are not the only ones who appreciate the well-done video since netizens are flooding the comments with praise, going as far as to say that he has upped the standards for reviews with his video.

Let’s continue to tag Timberland and maybe we’ll get to see Abudi landing those backflips on their official pages!

Cover image taken from abudialsagoff.com