Minister Says People Acting Like There Is No Pandemic Is a Sign Of Government’s Success

(source: FMT)

According to Malaysiakini, Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa says that the people are no longer afraid of Covid-19 and claims that this is an indicator that the government has succeeded in managing the pandemic.

“To me, this is an indication that we have successfully controlled this outbreak, that it is no longer being considered as such by some people. That shows success,” he added.

Speaking at a forum organised by HarakahDaily on Wednesday (23 June) night, the Ketereh MP said people flouted government restrictions on travel – which, he felt, meant that they were not concerned about contracting Covid-19.

“We are having a problem where the people are not afraid of Covid-19. So when the people are not scared, it means that some think this is not an outbreak. (The government) has imposed restrictions but they still flout them.

“We told them not to cross borders, but they still do it. They are not afraid (of Covid-19) to the extent that we have to use policing powers (to take action). When there is an outbreak, the people should be protecting themselves,” Annuar said.

(source: Straits Times)

In response to the moderator’s question on how the government has handled Covid-19 in the country, the Umno member asked the audience to compare the situation in Malaysia with other countries, especially those which are far superior in terms of technology and medical advancement.

Citing several examples, he said the US to date has recorded close to 35 million positive cases including 615,232 deaths while the UK recorded over 4.5 million cases with 127,000 deaths.

This, according to Annuar, is another indication that Malaysia has been doing relatively well compared to other countries.

Since then, his statement has been ridiculed on social media by netizens and other politicians. Take a look: