“Bird droppings fell on my lunch,” Food Delivery Riders Share What They Face During Their Breaks

Source: malaymail & the star

Ever since the pandemic started, food delivery riders have become our own superheroes by just doing their job of making sure our food arrives.

According to The Star, 27-year-old Fadil Sahar said that he once parked his motorcycle under a shady tree to eat packed rice and side dishes he bought from a stall.

“I was eating halfway when suddenly some bird droppings fell on my lunch,” he said casually.

A culinary arts graduate from Shah Alam, Fadil said that the peculiar things that he encounters as a delivery rider have become the norm for him.

Source: Azman Ghani/The Star

Since dining-in at restaurants is prohibited, 30-year-old Amran Sidek revealed that he stops at petrol stations to have his lunch before carrying on with his job.

“These places are shaded and have buffer zones for anyone to have a rest. They also have bathrooms so that I can wash my face and hands.

“It’s safer too as sometimes I take a short nap when I’m too tired before I continue my trips.”

His colleague, Ecam said he would eat at a bus station or under a bridge quickly since they are often in a rush to complete orders.

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Often, riders eat wherever and whatever they can. “Sometimes I get to eat some bread while waiting to pick up the delivery,” said another rider, Nash.

The 29-year-old added that they would sometimes eat by the drain since they have no choice and are frowned upon, “People may look at us differently sometimes, but there is nothing to be shameful of because we are just earning an honest living.”

Nash added that the riders never mean to cause any trouble outside but only wanted to take a quick bite and to refresh momentarily.

Source: malaymail

“I have friends who have been told off by the police for sitting down while waiting to pick up orders.

“Another friend, who is an e-hailing driver, was also ticked off for eating his lunch in the car by the side of a road.”

Nash said that he hopes the authorities would be less strict towards them since they are working outdoors unlike many of us.

“Not everyone is working from home. I think the authorities should be more considerate with people like us,” he added.