M’sian Leaves Snacks & Refreshments For Riders & Delivery Men Outside Her Home During The Pandemic

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source: The Star

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Malaysians have resorted to becoming drivers or delivery men in order to stay afloat.

From our local astronaut to our local football superstar, this industry has been Malaysia’s saving grace when it comes to supplying job opportunities amidst the pandemic.

Tirelessly driving us around or delivering food right to our doorstep, those who work in this industry are our unsung heroes during this time.

With that, what better way to show appreciation towards them than to leave out a few snacks and refreshments for them to take on their way out?

That’s exactly what 29-year-old Natasha Hidayah Hashim decided to do at her house.

Speaking to Mstar, she revealed that the idea came from observing the way the Americans treat their service workers. She said,

“I got the idea from Twitter when the Americans were offering snacks at their front-door for riders to take. I don’t usually make online purchases but since the rise of COVID-19 cases as well as the implementation of MCO, I’ve been making them more often.”

source: thankyoudeliveryheroes.com

Other than being inspired by other generous souls, Natasha was touched when she met a rider who brought their child alongside him during the delivery. She told Mstar,

“I want to show my appreciation towards them. Recently, I came across a rider who brought their child in the car with them during the delivery. This made me sad. From then on, I started offering food outside my house. I didn’t think it was going to run out.

“At first, the biscuits went and everything else along with it. I started stocking-up on other items like snacks, mineral water and now I’m planning on getting lychee drinks. Since the weather is getting hotter, they don’t have to rush to the store to get refreshments, they can just get it at my house.”

When confronted by Natasha, a few riders were surprised by the gesture. Some did not believe her kindness and asked, “Are you sure?” So she posted a note to make sure the riders knew that they are welcomed to take what they need.

source: @_tashbunny on Twitter

Natasha never imagined her tweet would go viral but she’s happy it did, for it gives others the inspiration to do the same. To her, these riders are also front-liners and during these difficult times, they’re always around to deliver joy to our doorsteps.

With such a high-risk tiring job, Natasha wants to express her gratitude towards them and she wishes for everyone to stay safe.