M’sian Hip-Hop Collective, 0108 SLATAN Teams Up with Monster Energy to Bring Merch Jersey

Having established their presence as a hip hop collective over the past two years, 0108 SLATAN is now ready to release their first official merch in collaboration with Monster Energy – the Slatan Energy Jersey!

If you’re an avid fan of Malaysian hip hop, then you’d probably have heard of the collective that houses rappers and producers like GARD, WUZGUT, Offgrid, Quai, Maatjet (previously known as Izz4d), Nobi, Ameeusement, Shilky, Jaystation, Arief Roseli and Naim Mazeri.

While this marks a huge collaboration for the collective, the jersey is also designed as a teaser for bootstrap dataran.online (DO9) – a vision to establish a platform that serves to revive the local business ecosystem. The platform will be officially announced in a month, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

The design of the jersey is inspired by the values of Monster Energy, which is to foster a healthy competitive spirit and the colours symbolise Slatan’s exclusivity as a body that wants to continue to inspire all to move forward without recognising the meaning of defeat.

Check it out: 

The jersey will be available on 5 July. To cop one, visit their website here

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