M’sian Grandmother Loses About RM300,000 Stored in a Tin Container to Pests

(Source: Penang News Group on Facebook)

Older generations, who grew up in times of hardship and war, are known to have peculiar habits when it comes to keeping their money safe. As some of them don’t even trust banks, they stash their cash in their homes like under their beds and, more traditionally, in tin containers meant for biscuits (’cause which robber would want to sell pineapple tarts, right?).

Although it may serve as a good disguise, the paper cash stored inside is at high risk of degrading due to pests that can get in the container.

Recently, a Malaysian grandmother found all her savings, worth about RM300,000, bitten and crumpled into a pieces by pests that resided in the metal container she had been using to store her cash.

Seen in a video posted in a Facebook Group called Penang News Group, most of the RM100 banknotes found inside the tin seem to be damaged.

In one stack, there’s about RM10,000, making it a total of RM230,000 as there were 23 damaged stacks laid out, although it’s unsure if there was more money lost as a lot of the notes had already crumbled into pieces.

A man in the video stated that most of the stacks were half-destroyed and he would do his best to get them exchanged at a bank. Throughout all that sadness, fortunately, some money which amounted to RM100,000 was salvaged.

Many netizens have been sharing this unfortunate video with their family members, especially their elder relatives, to advise them not to keep their money in tin containers. And on the other hand, if they have any ‘old Malaysian banknotes’ lying around, that could be worth a small fortune now.