Netizens Blast M’sian As He Complains About RM20 Angpao He Received At His Wedding Reception

source: Wedding Research

Wedding receptions can be expensive, which is one of the reasons why most couples today choose a short, private ceremony.

To cover expenses, some people believe that the angpaos given by guests should reflect the lavishness of the wedding, but not many newlyweds would publicly call someone out for a less-than-satisfactory donation.

In an Instagram story, the groom complained, saying: “You’re attending a wedding reception in Bukit Bintang, and you only gave RM20????? Do you know that a table could cost up to RM1,500 nowadays? Do you want us to lose out on so much money?”

source: China Press

He continued mentioning in the post that RM20 in an angpao may have been acceptable 20 years ago, but the “market price” nowadays for attending a wedding reception would now be around RM150.

The man added that even if they were busy during the wedding reception, the couple were able to identify the person who gave them the RM20 red packet. 

“Just because you didn’t write your name on the red packet, doesn’t mean we don’t know who gave it to us,” he wrote.

He ended the post by saying that even if the guest didn’t want to pay, they could have at least bought the newlywed a gift that was presentable.

source: Asian Money Guide

After the incident, netizens commented their thoughts and opinions on the matter on Facebook.

Maybe they’ve really tried their best to give as much as they can. Everyone would have days when they’re struggling. They have the right to not talk about their problems.”

“If you plan to invite someone, you shouldn’t be so calculative with how much you get.”

“Gifts are nothing as compared to their sincerity. It seems like you care more about the value of gifts than friendships. There have been plenty of weddings going on recently and perhaps RM100 is a little steep for them financially. You should be more considerate.”