18-Month-Old Toddler Wows the Public With M’sia Book of Records Entry For Expressive Vocabulary

source: World of Buzz

While the Guinness World Records may be too far-fetched of a dream for many, what about holding a national record via the Malaysia Book of Records? Diiyaash Dev, an 18-month-old boy will definitely inspire you.

Diiyaash Dev is only 1 and a half years old, yet he’s already set the national record for possessing a large and expressive vocabulary, far surpassing toddlers his age.

The young boy can apparently speak more than 500 expressive words! Meanwhile, Baby Center states that an average toddler is said to only know around 5 to 20 words.

Diiyaash Dev now holds the record for “The Youngest to Speak Expressive Vocabulary” in the Malaysia Book of Records. 

source: Instagram & World of Buzz

Speaking to WOB, Kanageswary disclosed that when her kid was just 11 months old, she saw that he had the capacity to swiftly pick up new phrases seconds after they were introduced to him. The school teacher added that by the time her son was 1 year and 2 months old, he could create a complete sentence with up to 8 words. 

The pleased mother approached the Malaysia Book Of Records early this year after realising her son’s special talent.

Diiyaash’s mother shared on her Instagram how she managed to teach her child. She shared 10 tips on how to get started for all the young parents out there!

All in all, Kanageswary advised parents to always talk to their children as much as possible and enhance their vocabulary with the help of flashcards, rhymes, and storytelling.

Check out the screenshots below. 

source: Screenshots by World of Buzz