A Fetus, A Corpse & More: The 1992 Mystery Sighting Of 26 ‘Strange Objects’ In Klang Skies

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source: Berita Harian

30 years ago, back in October 1992, a group of 200 students and teachers from a religious school in Klang claimed to have seen some strange objects in the sky. Not one or two – but 26 in total.

The incident occurred on October 9, 1992. The students as well as some staff members of the school said the objects appeared in the sky around 11.30 p.m. to 3.00 a.m.

Some of the ‘images’ leaned towards the macabre, including unsettling depictions of a shrouded corpse and a tombstone.

The kids first noticed them when they were on their way back to the hostel after attending prep class. The objects were clearly visible against a red background – although at that time the sky was said to be completely dark, without a moon or stars.

Some of the items weren’t inanimate – they had reportedly witnessed the hair of a running woman being pulled, a bird’s wings fluttering, two people fighting and then shaking hands as well as a man in a turban bowing in the direction of the Kaabah mosque, while another turned his back to the mosque and bowed that way instead.

Here’s a list of the 26 objects:

  1. Kalimah Allah, or the name of Allah written in Arabic.
  2. A fetus.
  3. A human.
  4. A shrouded corpse.
  5. A ‘red’ eyeball- as if filled with rage.
  6. A long tongue.
  7. A tongue that was cut and then reattached, shown three times.
  8. A woman running; her hair was pulled and then torched. Her face changed to resemble a ‘hideous creature’, plastered with an expression of pain. Her skin was burnt to expose the skull.
  9. A bird’s wings fluttering.
  10. A woman with the face of a boar.
  11. A scorpion.
  12. A large snake with sparkly eyes.
  13. A dog’s head attached to a human body.
  14. Two people fighting and then shaking hands.
  15. A man in a turban bowing in the direction the Kaabah Temple, while another turned his back to the Temple and bowed towards the back of it instead.
  16. The map of Malaysia turned upside down, whereby Singapore was placed above it.
  17. A bottle of alcohol.
  18. The symbol of a cross turning into a kubah (dome of a mosque).
  19. A chicken.
  20. A fish.
  21. The map of an Arabian state.
  22. A dead body.
  23. A tombstone.
  24. A bird.
  25. A person praying.
  26. A hand reaching out for something it could not obtain, with a circle drawn on the palm.
source: Utusan

At the time, JAIS themselves admitted that the incident had truly transpired.

JAIS’ primary investigations were conducted by interviewing eleven students and four teachers who had witnessed the incident. Authorities found that the testimony of all the witnesses was the same and did not contradict in any way.

Many claimed that strange occurrences unfolded in Klang following that. Reports state that some individuals grew obsessed with figuring out what it all meant. It was also alleged that three big ships were built in anticipation of a terrible flood hitting Klang, since some perceived the ‘images’ as a warning of a forthcoming doomsday.

source: The Star

The above is one of the ships built in Klang by a group called Ajaran Sulaiman (Noah’s Ark), which was since abandoned after their movement was banned by JAIS. It is believed that the building of the ships were funded by flash donations made by locals.

There were also individuals who took advantage of the situation by selling ‘photos’ of the 26 objects.

It is said that the incident left a deep psychological impact on the group of students. They were afraid to the point of losing their appetites, frequently crying, vehemently reading the Quran, fasting and praying.

The situation called for the involvement of the Islamic Religious Affairs Division, Prime Minister’s Department (BHEAI-JPM) which then conducted an investigation, and ultimately declared that the ‘26 Objek Di Langit’ mystery was nothing more than a fabrication.

source: Utusan

The report stated that the objects were imagined or hallucinated by the students as a result of their deification of an Ustaz at the school who was believed to be spreading heresy.

JPM’s investigation also suggested that the students’ mindsets had been tainted or that they had been brainwashed through the deification approach to make them believe anything that he said.

JPM subsequently confirmed that the Ustaz who was present that night was also involved in the activities of Ajaran Sulaiman, which was later discovered to be a heretical group.

Even so, many are still convinced that the event was real. Now, 30 years later, netizens are once again discussing the incident vigorously. New witnesses have also come forward, including residents of Klang who did not attend the school.

One user claimed that he, as well as his family members had seen the same objects that night, remembering the sight of the woman with the burning hair and tongue being cut most vividly.

Another female student from Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Kajang also stated that she had witnessed the incident along with a few other students – and these are just a few among the many new testimonies recently asserted on social media.

True or not, what do the 26 objects signify? Will we ever find out?

Do we really want to…?