Couple Catches Two Children Reenacting Sexual Positions at a Playground in Kuching

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(source: NewFolks)

The world we live in today is vastly different from the one we grew up in before the internet.

With the rise of social media, parenting has become even more challenging, since children can find whatever they want online. Sometimes the things kids see on the internet are completely inappropriate for their age.

Children, being children, will take what they see and attempt to reproduce it. Here is where the true danger lurks.

(source: Daily Mail)

Last week, a Facebook user shared his experience seeing two kids engaging in sexual behaviours in public.

Mohd Zakey bin Ramley said that when he and his wife saw two children playing at a playground in Kuching, everything seemed to be normal at first.

While the couple were minding their own business, Zakey’s wife got a really bad feeling after watching the two kids enter a quiet glass room with the boy guiding the girl.

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Observing the kids’ shocking behaviour, Zakey said the boy urged the girl to lie down and then climbed on top of her. Zakey described the situation as seeing two children attempting to do the ‘missionary position’.

When the little boy realised they were being observed, he jumped up and hurried to hide behind a pole. The little girl then began to weep.

Zakey’s wife instantly ran to hug the young girl and advise her that what had happened was horrible and that she should never allow anybody to do such things to her again.

source: Facebook)

The two youngsters were siblings, with the girl being 6 years old and the boy being just 5.

After soothing the girl, Zakey’s wife went to the boy and told him that what he had done was wrong. She also urged the boy not to do it to her sister or any other girls in the future.

The boy listened to her advice and realised what he was doing was wrong. He then apologised to his sister right away.

JUICE approached Zakey after he posted about the incident. According to him, they wished the children’s parents were there so they could speak with them about what transpired. Unfortunately, the parents could not be found.