Mat Rempits Will Face Harsher Penalties & Pay Maximum Fine as JPJ Works On New Road Rules

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(source: Gempak)

Mat Rempit (illegal racers) have been making headlines for decades, but nothing appears to be stopping them from causing damage to the public.

SAYS reported last week that during an illegal race, several Mat Rempits lost control of their motorbike and collided with other vehicles. This led to an accident that claimed the lives of three people while wounding three more.

While many Malaysians are concerned about their own safety on the roads, a new strategy is on the horizon that should help alleviate this problem and make the roads a safer place for all of us.

(source: Utusan)

Now, people who participate in illicit racing might face a harsher punishment from Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ). This was brought up after JPJ observed that Mat Rempit culture is growing, and they’ve shown no signs of slowing down in their desire to do damage to innocent road users.

JPJ Deputy Director General (Planning and Operations) Aedy Fadly Ramli said that a decision on the penalty would be made anytime soon.

“We have received instructions from the Ministry of Transport to re-examine and re-tighten actions against riders who commit offences that endanger the safety of the public on the road,” he said.

JPJ Deputy Director General, Aedy Fadly Ramli (source: The Malaysian Reserve)

JPJ also seeks information from members of the public who are familiar with the locations where illicit racing activities are common.

“We ask the public to inform us through the traffic complaint channel. We know there are certain hot areas and we are indeed monitoring. JPJ and PDRM are watching them and we will take action,” he added.

(source: bikesrepublic)

For the time being, the most common violations committed by motorcycle riders are driving without a valid licence and having an expired road tax.

As a result, JPJ has said that it would not make any concessions to the crime and will instead guarantee that the culprits pay the maximum penalties.

For now, JPJ has issued a warning to anybody riding a high-powered motorbike on the Karak highway and turning the road into a Sunday race track. JPJ said that this action would result in legal prosecution.

JPJ will continue to guarantee that the route is free of hazards for other road users.