Explore Our National Library at Home as They Offer 13.2 Million Free E-Books!

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Like our Prime Minister said yesterday, “Duduk diam-diam!” and as annoying as it is, lounging around at home does have its upsides – you can finally indulge in all those things you never have time for.

With distractions like Tiktok and Netflix, why not step back for a while and get back to basics? Take the time to read a good book and lose yourself in fabulous fiction. Not only will time simply fly by, but you’ll get to sound oh-so-superior when you’re asked how you whiled away your time at home.

Whether you’re a bookworm or someone who wants to dip their toes in reading, know that the National Library of Malaysia(PNM) recently launched the ‘Please Sit At Home and Read’ campaign.

With this campaign, everybody can explore their catalogue and get access to 13.2 million free digital books! All you have to do is register yourself at their website and download their official app, ‘PNM E-Reader’.

You can find genres ranging from romance novels, science-fiction, motivational books to even New York bestsellers! In those millions of books, we’re pretty sure they have everything for everyone.


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Remember, and we could not stress this enough: Stay at home and flatten the curve!

Visit PNM website by clicking here

 ‘PNM E-Reader’ app is available on iOS and Android