A Freak Storm Hit Melaka This Morning Causing Major Property Damage & Injuring School Children

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(Source:@bukanwanted at Twitter)

What was supposed to be a peaceful morning today (Aug 11) at 9am, turned into an unexpected tragedy after a freak storm hit Melaka causing destruction to major properties across the state. Social media users shared pictures and videos showing the power of the storm and its aftermath.

Reportedly, Malim suffered the most damage by the storm’s torrential rain and strong gushes of wind as trash bins and tables were seen flying and scattered all over the street.

The storm had also caused extensive damage to schools such as SJKC Malim. The school’s roof was ripped off by the wind causing classrooms to be roofless and filled with debris of dirt. Several pupils were injured in the incident.


Also, trees, zinc stalls and even lamp posts crashed on passing cars.


Apart from Malim; Batu Berendam, Taman Merdeka Permai and Klebang were also among the many places in Melaka affected by the storm.

Although the storm might be over, the mess will be hard to clean up for the citizens of Melaka who face tough times ahead as many business and properties have been destroyed.

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