Bangladeshi Man Wows Netizens By Reciting Rukun Negara & Singing ‘Tanggal 31’ At Merdeka Parade

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source: The Star

It wasn’t only Malaysians who were enthused by the Merdeka parade that took place at Dataran Merdeka after a two year pandemic-induced hiatus!

This Bangladeshi national, named Nahim, unbashedly showed his love to the country by not only attending the celebration but reciting the Rukun Negara with complete zeal. Towards the end of the clip, he even tells his friend, who manages the TikTok account, that he has taken a liking to the song ‘Tanggal 31’ and proceeded to sing it as the friend joins in.

@kawannahim #keluargamalaysiateguhbersama ♬ original sound – Kawannahim🇧🇩🇲🇾

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

Clad in a Harimau Malaya jersey and all smiles throughout the clip, Nahim’s wholesome act has garnered nearly 60,000 likes to date, with netizens flooding the comments section praising his attitude, infectious joy, and exceptionally tidy hairstyle:

According to the clip, this was Nahim’s first time celebrating the country’s Independence Day and he was amongst the crowd of people who headed eagerly to Dataran Merdeka in the wee hours of the morning.

Wonder what he thought of our cheeky and sado-licious abang bomba though? 🤪

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