Missing M’sian Who Was Found Today Says He Was Kidnapped, Drugged & Robbed Over iPhone 12

On March 6, 25-year-old Muhammad Amirul Shafiq was reported missing by his father after the youth failed to respond to calls and text messages after delivering 3 units of iPhone 12 worth RM17,000 to a buyer.

Tension began to rise when Amirul’s bestfriend and partner, Muhd Yusof Sakir Ahmad, notified his father about his disappearance. Usually the duo would go together when delivering the smartphones but because Yusof had a prior engagement, Amirul was forced to continue the drop-off himself.

Before reporting to the police, Yusof and Amirul’s father rushed to the last known location where Amirul was supposed to meet the buyers. There, they were shocked to find that his motorcycle was left unlocked nearby a shop lot.

Buntu anak hilang, motosikal ditinggalkan tidak berkunci | Harian Metro

The last text message Yusof received led him to believe that Amirul was in danger because he stated that the buyer had to withdraw money at the scene. After that, it was radio silence on Amirul’s end.

Yusof told police that he contacted the buyer but he insisted he had not seen Amirul. After the initial call, Yusof was promptly blocked by the number which aroused his suspicions even further.

Thankfully, Amirul has been found and rescued by police today. He recounted the horrific incident to Harian Metro, stating that he was kidnapped, drugged and robbed by the buyers who turned out to be his assailants. The 25-year-old said,

“I was trapped in a house in Ayer Keroh, Melaka for 5 days and all I had to eat was rice and biscuits. Some days, they didn’t even feed me.”

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Before the incident happened, the buyer insisted that they did the exchange in a parking lot with the excuse that he was carrying a large sum of money and did not want to be robbed.

They entered the buyer’s car so he could count the cash safely. There were two other men present in the vehicle when Amirul got in. Before he could realise the danger of the situation, Amirul was immediately sprayed with mosquito repellent in his eyes before being beaten up and restrained with duct tape.

He tried to scream for help but the parking lot was deserted. The assailants then drugged him with pills while he was semi-conscious.

He was dumped at a house where another man, allegedly the friend of the assailants, pretended to be an authoritative figure who tried to convince Amirul that he was being detained for committing a crime.

After a dutiful search by the police, they managed to rescue Amirul from the house at 12:30am today (March 12).

The assailants who have been arrested and details of the investigation will be released to the public via a statement soon.