Teen Sends Classmates Cryptic Final Text Message Before Passing Away in Motorcycle Accident

On March 9, a form 5 student named Jamal Farhan passed away in a motorcycle accident near his school at Jalan Muar. He lost his life at 5:50pm that day when his motorcycle clashed with a four-wheel drive. He suffered from fatal head injuries while the driver of the car remained uninjured.

While the incident was unexpected and sudden, according to his classmate, Siti Nur Farhana, Jamal had been sending cryptic messages to the class on Whatsapp via broadcast, asking for forgiveness and their blessings for when he enters the afterlife.

Towards the end of his messages, Jamal, not wanting his classmates to be over-concerned, told them not to take what he said so seriously as though he was going to leave this world. Take a look:

At the time, due to his casual demeanour, his classmates took his messages at face value, not knowing that it was foreshadowing for his untimely death.

Some of them would even reply to his texts and get a cheery response from Jamal the next day but nobody could have prophesied that their class monitor would be gone so soon.

Well-loved amongst his peers, Jamal was also known to be the protector and big brother, always reminding his friends to be careful on the road. He recently celebrated his birthday on February 28.

The text messages sent by Jamal went viral on social media, prompting people to wonder that if our time was near, would we be able to sense it too?

It was also a reminder that life is short and that we should always cherish our loved ones while they’re still around.