Miss Argentina & Miss Puerto Rico 2020 Announce Marriage With Wholesome Video On Instagram

source: Al Dia

Fabiola Valentín and Mariana Varela got hitched!

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico 2020 announced the exciting news and posted a video on social media highlighting some of their relationship’s defining moments.

A few images and video snippets from their relationship, including travels they’ve done together, beach scenes, shots of their rings, and even footage of the marriage proposal are shown at the beginning of the clip.

The next scene from the clip depicts the couple, both clad in white, commemorating their union on the steps of the San Juan, Puerto Rico Marriage Bureau.

“We open our doors to a special day after deciding to keep our love private,” they wrote, adding the emojis of a heart, a ring, and a star to the caption along with the date “28/10/22.”

Many of the other women who competed in the beauty competition alongside them have also filled the comments section with supportive and uplifting words – including Abena Akuaba, the winner of Miss Grand International 2020, who wrote: “Omg congratulations! MGI brought together a lovely match.”

Here are some clips of the queens’ Miss Grand days to celebrate their union:

Congratulations! ❤️