A New Take: BMW Shorties Partners with Malaysia International Film Festival 2023

source: MGGA

Lights, camera, action!

To all movie buffs, mark your calendars for the 6th Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) which will be taking place later this year from July 23-29, at the Lalaport Bukit Bintang Convention Centre.

MIFFest recently announced a series of exciting developments for this year’s festival, including a new collaboration with the BMW Shorties as well as TikTok Malaysia being the festival’s official partner.

The BMW Shorties is a creative initiative launched by BMW Group Malaysia which aims to discover and support emerging local talents in both film and digital content across Malaysia.

The Grand Prize Winner of the short film and digital content competition will receive RM80,000 in production grant and filmmaking talents will be recognized through a range of supporting awards.

So if you’re an aspiring filmmaker or digital content creator, mark your calendars for April 1, 2023 when the BMW Shorties officially opens for entries!

The theme of this year’s festival is “New Take”. MIFFest’s ambassador, Bront Palarae, a veteran of Malaysian cinema himself, says that “there is nothing more needed in the industry (now) than more passionate and creative filmmakers and storytellers.”

MIFFest founder and president Joanne Goh agrees, stating that “MIFFest’s international platform will allow the next generation of Malaysian filmmakers to take full advantage of this opportunity to showcase their talents and tell their stories with a tenacious and indomitable spirit.”

MIFFest Board Committee

But that’s not all! MIFFest is also continuing its collaboration with the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, with special screenings of Malaysian films and exchanges between filmmakers from various countries.

Both festivals hope to ignite new sparks of creativity through the concept of “From East To West”. So get ready to experience the sheer beauty and significance of Malaysian cinema at the 6th MIFFest!

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