Local Icon Michelle Yeoh Stars in A24’s Biggest Hit… And More M’sians Are Making Waves Abroad!

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For context, here’s a listicle on Malaysians making us proud abroad: 

1. Michelle Yeoh Skipped the Red-Carpet Premiere of Her First Hollywood Headliner Movie Due to Contracting Covid

It is not uncommon for Malaysians to accomplish enviable success abroad.

Take, for example, the iconic Michelle Yeoh. Despite having to miss her first Hollywood headliner movie’s red carpet premiere, due to COVID, she’s killing it in the industry right now!

From Memoirs of a Geisha to Crazy Rich Asians, the woman sure knows how to slay a crucial role.

2. M’sian-Born LGBT Woman & Ex-Dolphin Trainer Land MP Positions In Australia

And Miss Yeoh isn’t the only Malaysian shining overseas.

These Malaysians in Australia have landed MP positions – one of them being an ex-dolphin trainer, while another is a LGBT Woman. Talk about representation!

3. M’sian-Born Journalist Snaps Pulitzer-Winning Photos Of Kabul’s Fall

Did you know? In the past year, we’ve not only had one, but two Malaysian-born Pulitzer prize winners. 

Do you smell that? Oh, it’s just the stench of passion and victory.

4. M’sian Filmmaker Bags Netpac Award For #MeToo Documentary ‘The Boys’ Club’

We aren’t just recognised on-screen: this Malaysian filmmaker made history and bagged a Netpac award for her #MeToo documentary entitled ‘The Boys’ Club’.

It is incredible how many Malaysians have attained success in various sectors on the international stage. If anything, it only serves to amplify the #MalaysiaBoleh spirit, right?

Nonetheless, as we commemorate these individuals’ breakthroughs, perhaps we should also consider why so many skilled Malaysians have chosen to seek greener pastures elsewhere and only manage to shine brilliantly once they flee the country…

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