Kumpool: The New E-Hailing App Offering RM1 Rides Across Subang and PJ

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What is Kumpool Ride?

Kumpool Ride is a community-based e-hailing vehicle booking service. It works by taking real-time passenger bookings, and then navigating a route based on pick-up and drop-off locations frequented by citizens.

The objective of Kumpool (pronounced Kumpul) is to help the community and restore the city’s “kampung spirit.” The company believes that by pooling resources, the society can keep expenses down, particularly for on-demand transport services.

Through the app, passengers can enjoy affordable rides everyday. Their website confirms that passengers may anticipate guaranteed seats and a good experience for a bargain price with Kumpool Ride.

Interested? Let’s get into it then.

How to book

First thing’s first- you’ll need to download the app. It’s available on both Google Play and the App Store, with this super adorable icon:

Once you launch the app, you’ll need to enable it to access your location, and verify the location you plan on visiting.

Next, key in your username and phone number, and that’s it – you’re registered.

Go ahead and key in your pick-up and drop-off details, as well as your preferred time. Don’t forget to let them know how many of you will be on board!

Shortly after, the app will arrange your trip and present the details to you, including the official pick-up time and total fare. To confirm your trip, all you have to do is click on the orange ‘Book Now’ button at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be able to track the vehicle in real-time, so don’t worry about missing your ride.

What’s the pricing like?

The fare is determined by the distance travelled and the number of guests in a single reservation. When you book your ride as a group, you stand to save a few bucks.

For example, the ticket from Terminal Setia Indah to Caltex Taman Daya is RM3.00 for one passenger, and RM1.95 per passenger for a group of four. We think that’s a pretty good deal. The more the merrier right?

Amaan Khan, a loyal Kumpool Ride user also stated that cost-saving is a big factor behind his patronage.

“Booking an e-hailing ride for one would have cost me no less than RM12.”

“Considering that there is so much I can do with the additional savings, I’ll be using this transport service every day,” he said.

Amaan uses the app’s services to get to Phileo Damansara 2 from Centrestage in Section 13.

As for payment, you can use cash or e-wallet.

Which areas are covered?

The transportation service covers several areas across Johor Bahru, the Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya.

In January, Kumpool introduced 77 new stops in Johor Bahru, namely in Desa Tebrau and Johor Jaya.

In town, you can book a trip from multiple regions throughout Subang Jaya, and take your pick from over 120 stops in Petaling Jaya.

You can find a more detailed display of pick-up areas on the Kumpool wesbite.

Earlier in the month, a new on-demand ride-sharing service to locations in Petaling Jaya’s Sections 1 to 19 was inaugurated for only RM1 per journey.

J. Marian, a passenger, stated that she has been able to save time for the more important things in life via this promo.

“Before this service, I had to wait up to an hour for a bus from my house in Jalan Templer to PJ Old Town because buses came infrequently,” Marian explained.

“I would have to change buses in PJ New Town if I wanted to proceed to the Asia Jaya LRT station, which would imply longer waiting time, whereas the Kumpool service can get me to my destination quickly.”

“In the past, I had to walk a further 150m to take a bus,” she added.

Operating hours

Kumpool ride operates in Johor Bahru from 7:30am to 8:00pm daily, whereas the hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm in Subang Jaya & Petaling Jaya.

However, an ongoing two-hour extension has been placed within KL areas in conjunction with Ramadan, whereby passengers can enjoy the services until 10:00pm.

The extension ends on 3 May 2022.

How did Kumpool come about?

source: The CEO Magazine

Goh Chun Hean, the head of the new subsidiary, explained that the app was built in-house by the company’s own tech development team.

“Unlike public buses, which ply a fixed route that are usually the main trunk roads and follow a schedule regardless if there are passengers or not, our van-hailing formula is to only react when there is a demand.”

“If not, the vehicle remains stationary. During this time, the driver can go for his tea break if he so wishes,” he said.

Goh went on to say that skipping passenger-less stops not only saved money and reduced driver stress, but it also allowed cars to get to passengers faster.

“A team of four, comprising two from Kumpool and two from the Bukit Gasing assemblyman’s office, first identified the locations from Google map.

“Our focus was to ensure that the stops would be within 100m from residential areas.”

Rajiv Rishyakaran (Bukit Gasing assemblyman) was part of the crew, and he guaranteed that the vehicle could safely stop for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. The study took three months to complete.

The vans and minibuses are rented from ES Travel, a tour firm that also operates a van-pooling ride service in Subang Jaya that began in December of last year.

More about Kumpool?

Still curious? Head over to Kumpool’s official Instagram page where updates and additional info are posted weekly. Not to mention, the page also features memes from time to time…


source: Instagram
source: Instagram
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