Lumi News: The Local App You Need To Follow The Biggest News and Topics You Care About

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What is Lumi News?

If you haven’t heard of Lumi News, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to check out heaps of news articles from a single platform.

That’s right- Lumi News carries over 50 of the largest publishers in news, lifestyle and pop culture, making it Malaysia’s top-rated news app where readers can scroll through their hyper-personalised news feed to stay in the know of the latest and hottest stories.

With just a few swipes, the user-friendly app brings a radical improvement to news reading, allowing users to know when there’s breaking news, share must-know updates instantly to your friends and family and even filter news based on topics you’re most interested in.

… and that’s not all.

The Problem

See, we understand, no one wants to feel left out when it comes to fresh matters coming up in the world. You want to be the first one to hear about that new cafe in Subang while reading up on KJ’s latest statements.

You want to be able to digest news stories before being bombarded by a nasty comment or two (or three, or 50…) from another social media user below the post.

You can’t tell what it is: whether it’s the odd power hiding behind a keyboard bear; whether it’s sheer, unadulterated rage; or perhaps some people are toxic in human form. But some comments left under these viral posts can be… questionable. 

source: Towards Data Science

You wonder how some people think the way they do. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks that way. That’s pretty evident, with the verbally rancid fight going on in the comments section.

So at this point, you’re probably wondering: how does one stay informed about the world around them without falling into the ‘doomscrolling’ spiral every time they’re ambushed by a series of nasty comments? The headlines these days already account to a chunk of that phenomenon..

And I don’t mean to make you shudder, but aren’t you tired of mindlessly scrolling past… dozens of ads of brands you’re simply not interested in? *cue horror movie music*

Your Quick & Easy Solution

Fear not, fellow media-consumer. The Lumi News app is where it’s at.

Here’s your key to direct news, uninterrupted by toxic, third-party noise, where you’ll be able to read up on topics of your choice and easily verify the legitimacy of viral news online.

So you won’t have to rely on chance encounters of news on social media channels, or on retold news by friends. (Now you can be the one to reply “Eh, I saw this already lah.”)

You’ll also have access to the Lumi News Stack-  a compilation of must-read articles on any given topic, all in one shareable feed. The articles are specially picked across a variety of publishers by the Lumi content team, so everyone can see and share the best articles reported about a hot topic, such as this one:

Just imagine… specific, curated content made for your reading pleasure. No more overworking your thumb, trying to scroll down to the latest news on BTS. No more monotonous reading as you desensitise yourself to political news.

Plus, the variety is unmatched. We’re not exaggerating! Just check out these featured articles from this super cool site called JUICE.

We can go from educational, important news that affects us directly as a society,

to learning about the financial initiatives taken by local artists, satirical or not….

And let’s not forget, inclusive fashion with pieces just as diverse and versatile as you are.

Now, we’re not trying to play hard to get, but you’re gonna have to visit the Lumi News Stack yourself if you’d like to discover the full list of recommended deals!

What else?

Psst- the other News Stacks cover more of the latest events and hottest issues. The articles are specially picked across a variety of publishers by the Lumi content team, so everyone can see and share the best articles reported about a popular topic.

Not convinced yet? Well, Lumi is also the only news app that features SAYS. Yep, that one news site that all your friends talk about. You know, the one with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

So there you have it! The media gods have blessed us with access to stories from over 50 publishers, instant shareability of stories to multiple channels, including WhatsApp, and a news experience you can curate with over 25 topics to follow in the form of Lumi.

Heading to the App Store already? Of course you are.

Nope? Oh okay, the Play Store then. 😉