Men Disguised as PDRM Officers are Robbing People at Roadblocks

source: Malay Mail

Since the first phases of the MCO, PDRM officers have been patrolling Malaysian streets to enforce lockdown protocols by watching over certain locations such as supermarkets in addition to setting up roadblocks. Even in this trying time, some individuals have took it upon themselves to manipulate others solely for their own personal gain.

BERNAMA reported that authorities are currently on the hunt for two men disguising themselves as PDRM officers, setting up roadblocks to rob passers-by.

source: MSN

Central Seberang Perai Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Shafee Abd Samad, stated that the suspects staged a roadblock at Jalan Sungai Lembu, Machang Bubok, Kedah on Monday (20th April) sometime around 6.10am. A 42-year-old man en route to his working place at a factory in Kulim, Kedah fell victim to the masquerading duo.

“The victim was driving to his workplace from his home in Taman Kota Permai 2 but was held at a roadblock along Jalan Sungai Lembu after being asked to stop his vehicle by two men wearing vests which sported the PDRM logo. Soon after he slowed down, one of the suspects attempted to snatch the victim’s gold chain and injured him with a sharp object,” said ACP Shafee.

ACP Shafee also noted that the victim sped off right after this happened then headed to Hospital Kulim to treat his injured right shoulder and received three stitches. Authorities are still trying to track down the suspects and urge people with information regarding the suspects to contact the police immediately.

source: Giphy

Stay safe everyone! Keep indoors for the most part but should you be required to head out, be attentive and careful at roadblocks.

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