Meme Watch: Muslim Style

(Source: Facebook)

Let’s get one thing straight: nothing is better than a good quality meme. Meme culture has been so heavily implemented into our society so rapidly no one really knows where it actually came from. Even companies have upped their marketing game especially on Twitter because really, who in this time of age doesn’t love some cheeky memes?

Memes culture doesn’t exclude any one race, religion or sex. Anyone can participate and that’s the best part about it!

Just in time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, AJ+ recently posted a a video which showcased one of Facebook’s most popular Muslim meme groups:  Halal Memes For Jannah Minded Teens. The Facebook Group was created by 4 Muslim American college students in hopes of uniting the Muslim American community and showcase that they are just as “American” as other teens.


The Group, which only started off with a few thousand members from Muslim student associations around the country has now garnered up to more than a hundred thousand members from all corners of the world. Likewise, the memes being shared have also evolved from being Muslim American-centric to encompass other minorities and even newcomers to the religion.

But if you don’t think you fit in the “halal” meme page criteria don’t worry, it’s alter-ego Haram Memes For Jahannam Minded Teens might suit your fancy.

Do you have any favourite Ramadan/Eid memes? Share them with us!