Meet Magicians, Robots and Dragons at CITTA Mall this March

Want your kids to have a more productive holiday instead of spending the holidays at home, on the couch, with eyes glued to social media on the phone or some random new game on the tablet? Get up and head out for a magical experience at CITTA Mall this term break! There’s gonna be some magic, and we mean that literally. Apart from that, your favourite transforming alien cars and LED dragons.

Aside from the cool shows, there’s also going to be the Earth Hour Showcase happening in the same month. Like we said, fun and educational. You and your kids are going to love every bit of it.

1. Experience magic with the Masters

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen movies about magic like the Now You See Me series, or the classic Hocus Pocus. You and the kids now get to experience that in real life with the Magic Masters. From human statues like those you see on the Hollywood Boulevard, to the dazzling magicians that are going to wow you.

They will turn the most hardcore skeptics into jaw-dropping believers. In addition to your usual parlour card tricks, which are still dizzyingly beautiful performed up close, these magicians and performers will shock and awe audiences with a range of extraordinary feats, such as sword eating.

Catch the band of magicians and illusionists perform on the 17th and 18th March, and be prepared to get your mind blown. Your kids might even tell you that they want to grow up to become a magician and for us, we’d say go ahead. Everyone loves a good magic trick.

2. Play with Collectibles at The Hobbyist’s Playground!

Transform and roll out! *Trying to imitate robot sounds*. Your kids will love this one, or even you! On the 24th and 25th of March, the mall will transform into The Hobbyist Playground, where attendees can come and view the massive collection of  toys and collectibles from TransMy, Ranging from the old school figurines from the 80s TV show, to the new and Bay-fied versions of them.

Check this out, there will be approximately 300 figurines on display which the kids can learn how to “transform” them. That’s pretty neat, even though we think the kids are better than us at playing them.

Oh, we forgot to mention that bot leader Prime and the quirky Bee will be present as the mascots of the event!

Learn robotics with these workshops

Besides the cool looking robots that your kids will want to get at the bazaar afterwards, there’s also a preview of robotic courses from IR Robotics, where kids can get involved through a series of workshops and courses, such as learning how to assemble different delicate figurines.

That’s a pretty cool way to introduce the youngins into the world of science, right? Right.

Get your mini golfers to shoot a hole with Harimau Mini Golf

Besides that, there’s going to be a section of mini golf courses where the kids can play putty with their friends, and also learn how to be a champion at it. We’ve seen kids play golf games on smartphones and tablets before, but let’s see if they’re really good like they say they are in real life.

Science and Block Building workshops for future scientists and architects

For the little aspiring scientists and architects, there’s a workshop set up just for you! Bring your kids to it and let them immerse themselves in the wonders of the world. There’s going to be a lot fun for them as they’ll be learning the basics of science and block building that will be guided by pros. This will happen on the 25th of March.

Children’s Arts and Crafts Workshop and Hobbyist BAAZAR

Sorry, mom and dad. As much as we’d like to let you have fun, this one’s for the kids but hey, at least you guys can feel nostalgic about it? And we won’t judge if you snatch one of the figurines because, same.

A big space will be taken up for the BAAZAR, where kids can roam and check out all the cool stuff that’s on sale and aside from that, they can take part in the arts and crafts workshops that’ll be provided for them to be as creative as they can be. Who knows if a little Picasso is going to be born out of all this.

3. Celebrate Earth Hour with your family, friends and… Dragons?!

Yes, that’s an LED dragon and that’s awesome. After an evening spent around the mall chasing the kids and spending all that moolah on them, you can relax, enjoy and celebrate Earth Hour with epic performances from fire eaters (y’know, the guys that eat and spit fire?) and the LED dragon performers. This will coincide with The Hobbyist Playground as well, that’s happening on the 24th of March from 8.30pm til 9.30pm.

You’re also given the opportunity to win cool prizes through games and quizzes during the night.

In conjunction with the celebration, the mall is going to be a bit dark but fret not, the dragons will light up the night, and so will the people you’re with. It’s going to be a celebration for you and your loved ones.

Make sure you head down to CITTA Mall this March with your kids and see the joy on their faces with the fun they’ll have there.