WATCH: McDonald’s Singapore’s Heartfelt Ramadan Ad Involving Homesick Malaysians Goes Viral

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Source: McDonald’s Singapore

In conjunction with Ramadan, McDonalds Singapore’s latest heartfelt advertisement titled My Happy Table explores the stories of a three Malaysian McDonald’s employees who are away spending the holy month away from their families due to COVID-19.

McDonald’s Singapore wrote on it’s official YouTube Channel, “During Ramadan, it is customary for Muslim families to sit around the same table and break fast together. Due to Covid, the large number of Malaysian Muslims who work in Singapore cannot celebrate Ramadan with their loved ones back at home. What if the spirit of Ramadan is stronger than the borders that divide us? #MyHappyTable”

What Malaysians workers in Singapore thought would be a two-week border lockdown soon became a year as the deadly pandemic showed no signs of slowing down.

Source: McDonald’s Singapore

One of those affected by this travel restriction is Samsuri, who had no choice but to stay behind in Singapore in order to support his family back here in Malaysia. In the ad, Samsuri revealed that his family had to go through some hardships without him being there physically, including his father having a stroke.

Samsuri also said that he was not alone and that he has friends who are facing the same situation as him saying, “We support each other to get through this together.”

Source: McDonald’s Singapore

“If I ever get to go back to Malaysia, I would hug my parents and my in-laws,” said Rozaini, another McDonald’s Singapore employee who hasn’t seen her family in three years. She also said that she needs to prioritise her responsibilities even if that meant not seeing her loved ones.

Prior to the pandemic Anas, another McDonald’s Singapore employee used to travel back and forth across the Singapore-Malaysia border to meet his family every day. “I hope that my wife and family stay strong. Be patient and wait for me to return home,” he wished.

With the help of technology, McDonald’s Singapore arranged a virtual breaking fast session with the three families who are in Malaysia so the employees could feel like they’re home again.

As of the time of writing, the heartfelt ad has already garnered 29k views on McDonald Singapore’s Youtube Channel.

Watch the ad below: