VIDEO: Drug Addicts & Iconic Local Rapper-Lookalike Attempt To Mug Driver With Wooden Bat

4 local men have been arrested under suspicion for ramming into a car from the back and attempting to mug the victims while they were still in their vehicle. The men, who are believed to be under the influence of methamphetamine, also injured the victims by breaking the glass of the car with their bare hands and a wooden bat.

The incident took place at Taman Sentosa and was bravely captured on video by the victims themselves. The clip has since gone viral.

Take a look:

The victim was driving with their cousin and were on the way to Pelabuhan Klang when their car was rammed into by a Honda Civic that belonged to the 4 assailants.

The culprits then proceeded to break the glass, attempting to force the victims out the car while threatening them with a wooden bat.

They succeeded in stealing the victim’s cellphone and caused injuries to the two people in the car.

The suspects have since been arrested at 7pm-11pm yesterday (18 April). A urine test concluded that all suspects were positive for methamphetamine.

Funnily enough, since the clip went viral, many netizens were comparing one of the prime suspects to the likes of local rapper, Joe Flizzow so much so that the rapper’s name is currently trending on Twitter.

See for yourself:

The rapper has even commented on this likeness in a video.

Apparently, Uncle Joe isn’t too pleased with the comparison:

Okay, Joe! We get it!