Man With Pink Quarantine Band Spotted Dining At Desa Sri Hartamas

source: @isaacosmanTV (Twitter)/ ABS Digital

It’s important to be reminded that the Covid-19 virus is still active, and those who are returning home from overseas have to undergo a mandatory 14 days of quarantine and should not be out in public. Under the order, returnees are required to wear a pink bracelet issued by the Health Ministry.

However, some returnees have been getting attention on social media for violating the order which has led to the government tightening the rule for quarantine–starting 24 July, foreigners entering and Malaysians returning to Malaysia will have to be quarantined at government-designated centres instead of their homes.

Yesterday (21 July), a man with a pink quarantine bracelet was allegedly spotted dining at a kopitiam in Desa Sri Hartamas in broad daylight.

The photo was shared online by Malaysian YouTuber Isaac Osman, and has since gotten over 31,000 retweets on Twitter.

source: @isaacosmanTV (Twitter)

“This is an example of a cow who doesn’t know how to eat in his barn,” Isaac wrote in the post.

Isaac told SAYS that he had lodged a report to the Ministry of Health via MOH Hotline. He added that he was shocked to see someone flouting mandatory home quarantine, which is similar to the case in Ipoh, Perak.

He also said that he thinks action should be taken against the shop operator as well for letting the person into the premise.

“The store operator should be the first to report the case if it happens again. With the decline of active cases in the country, many restaurant operators are getting increasingly lazier in checking the temperature and logging visitors,” he told SAYS.

Police will be investigating the matter, according to New Straits Times.

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