No More Home Quarantine for Returning Malaysians and Foreigners Entering Malaysia

( Source : The Sun Daily)

Just when we thought that we finally had this pandemic under control in Malaysia, new clusters of cases around the nation have been sprouting up day by day again in July. With that, some rules that have been lifted by the government, for the time being, are being enforced once more – this includes the quarantine rule.

Malaysians who are returning from overseas and foreigners entering the country will no longer be allowed to be quarantined at home but will be sent to government-designated centres again for 14 days starting July 24.

Senior Minister (Defence) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob stated that the agreement was made when many individuals had breached their home quarantine and were found in public spaces, putting others who are not in quarantine at risk of catching the virus.

However, this time, regardless if it’s a hotel or public training institutions, all individuals who are returning from abroad will have to bear the full cost.

Following his new announcement, the senior minister also mentioned that the Covid-19 test is no longer required for returning Malaysians as they will be immediately transported to their respective quarantine centres but the rules still stand for foreigners as they would have to go through a swab before arriving in Malaysia.

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