Man Sells “Corona Kit” For Self Infection Included With The Latest Variants Priced At RM160

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We thought we heard it all when people started to refuse vaccines for ridiculous reasons, turns out there’s more to it.

The Dutch financial police have arrested a man who allegedly offered to supply coronaviruses for self-infection on the Internet.

The suspect was connected to a corresponding homepage, which has been shut down in the meantime, the anti-fraud unit of the Ministry of Finance (FIOD) reported in The Hague.

The newspaper De Telegraaf reported on 10 December that a so-called corona kit was offered to be sent by post for €33.50 (RM159.36).

It allegedly contained a tube with a virus liquid and a self-test. The suppliers promised that the viruses were not older than three months and that buyers could be “sure that the latest mutations and variants are included”.

According to the FIOD, potential buyers were promised that after self-infection and overcoming the disease, they could obtain a certificate for the recovered from the health authorities according to the current coronavirus rules on proof of health status.

The suspect has since been released, the ministry said. “Further investigation will have to show whether he sold anything and if so how much and if it works at all,” an FIOD spokesperson told the ANP news agency.

The health-care authority warned against self-infection: “Those who deliberately infect themselves are culpably putting public health at risk,” a spokeswoman said.

I guess a new variant breeds new sub-types for people too. Could this be natural selection?