Man Dies of Heart Attack While Fasting & Worshipping Statue of Donald Trump To Help Trump Recover from COVID-19

source: New York Times

While President Donald Trump is not exactly well-loved in Malaysia, in India a man by the name of Bussa Krishna had devoted his life to the protection and safety of the POTUS’ well-being.

When news broke that Trump had tested positive for Covid-19, Krishna erected a statue of the president in his backyard and worshipped it in hopes that it would nurse him back to health.

He uploaded a Facebook video of him crying upon hearing the news, stating that he was sad that “his god, Trump” had contracted the virus. He urged everyone to pray for his speedy recovery.

The 38 year-old man even partook in fasting in addition to praying to the shrine he had installed. Throughout this period, he suffered from insomnia, paranoia and hypotension.


Unfortunately, Krishna passed away the day after Trump had recovered from Covid-19. The man suffered from a cardiac arrest and collapsed while he was drinking tea. His family members attributed his death to his overzealous and ardent worshipping which took a toll on his health condition.

The six-feet statue remains at his house alongside several photos of Trump as well as a few talismans. The agriculturist was known as “Trump Krishna” amongst other villagers and he would often defend the president whenever conversations about him would arise.

Mr. Krishna’s devotion to President Trump made him a minor celebrity in India.
source: New York Times

At the moment, there is no indication that Trump is even aware that he had such a devoted follower in India.