Man Dates & Promises To Marry 35 Women So He Could Scam Their Money on His Fake Birthdays

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source: Harian Metro

After scamming his way through nearly three dozen women whom he “promised” to marry, a Japanese con-artist was finally arrested by the authorities.

On 20 April, Takashi Miyagawa, 39, was arrested by police. Investigations found that he had extorted money and gifts worth more than 1 million Yen (RM38,098) as a result of fraud, Sora News reported.

Takashi would ask the women he pretended to be in a serious relationship with, for money and gifts, including expensive tailored suits for one of his supposed birthdays. In addition, he also managed to sell them some shower devices he was peddling.

source: Newsflash

In the most recent case before his arrest, he told a 47-year-old woman that his birthday was on 22 February, when it was actually on 13 November. One victim was told that his birthday was in July and another thought it was in April.

It was reported that Takashi targeted women who were seeking serious relationships, and when he got to them, he would tell them that marriage is in the plan.

The 35 women who were victims of his scam, and possibly more, started a “Victim’s Association” and reported of his deceit to the police in February which led to his arrest.

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