Fisherman Gets Lucky When He Caught A Massive 161kg Grouper In Miri, Sarawak

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source: Wikipedia

It’s not every day you wake up and find yourself hauling a fish that’s three times bigger than you but according to Borneo Post, a fisherman got the biggest catch of his life only recently.

A fisherman reeled in a massive grouper that weighs 161kg during a fishing trip to waters off Kuala Baram, Sarawak last Thursday (15 April).

The giant grouper was caught in his trawling net and since it was so big, the fisherman needed help from some friends on board the boat to haul it up to the fishing vessel.

The lucky fisherman, who only wished to be known as Rahman, said this was the first time he caught something that was monstrous in size.

Rahman (right) and the owner of the fishing vessel. source: Borneo Post

“This is unforgettable. Since I started fishing in 1982, this is the first time I caught a fish weighing more than 150kg,” he said.

He wasn’t the only one impressed with his catch, because not long after unloading the massive grouper, Rahman was approached by a restaurant owner who wanted to buy the fish from him for about RM12,000. After some talks, the giant grouper was sold for a price that wasn’t revealed but agreed by both men.

The giant grouper, also known as the Queensland grouper, brindle grouper or mottled-brown sea bass, is a species of marine ray-finned fish. According to Wikipedia, a giant grouper can reach a maximum weight of 400kg.

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