The Man Whose Body Was Never Found After Being Buried Under 40m Of Rubble In Penang

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source: mStar

Do you recall the incident at Penang’s UMNO Tower that shook the nation 10 years ago? It’s safe to say that much of the younger generation may not have even heard of this shocking case.

It all began when a massive storm that struck Penang on 13 June 2013 brought down the tower on the roof of the state UMNO building along Jalan Macalister. The concrete structure of the 21-storey building crashed onto the road below, collapsing onto multiple vehicles and possibly killing a truck driver.

The baffling part was that the 44-year-old victim, Lim Chin Aik, could not be confirmed as dead because his body was never found.

In fact, his presence at the scene was only discovered two days later, on June 15, 2013, when a contractor was repairing the building’s CCTV that was damaged due to a power outage. Through the footage, he spotted the victim.

Watch the footage below:

“I replayed the clip again in slow motion and only then did I realise that there was indeed concrete falling on top of a car with a man inside, and not an image disturbance as I presumed at first,” he said.

It was reported that Lim Chin Aik, 44, was on the way pick up his child from school when rubble from the building fell onto vehicle he was driving, burying him 40 metres, or 13 storeys, below concrete.

Search and rescue operations were halted after 4 days for fear of damaging the environment, road structure and integrity of nearby buildings. Only part of the vehicle was found, but not a trace of Lim Chin Aik’s body.

Former Chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Engineers Lim Kok Khong stated at the time that the concrete had “definitely hit the driver’s side and caused the victim to sink deep into the ground.”

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“He would have been killed instantly. Imagine a giant pencil falling into the ground, the quarter at the top breaking off and breaking the surrounding surface, while the rest is buried underground. Parts of the car were lugged down to a depth of eight to nine metres. Only 10 metres of concrete that fell can be identified. The rest is still buried, along with the victim,” he added.

Lim Guan Eng, the state’s Chief Minister at the time, noted that he was informed by Penang Deputy Chief of Police Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi that a death certificate would be issued for Lim Aik Chin based on three factors: witness statements, the car chassis number and video evidence.

However, some residents and a handful of netizens insist that the occurrence was caused by  a presence of supernatural elements.

What do you think?