Malaysians Made Dua Lipa Change Her Insta Caption That Included the Word ‘Babi’

(Source: Dua Lipa’s FB)

The ‘New Rules’ singer, Dua Lipa was forced to change her Instagram caption for a post dedicated to her father’s birthday after a handful of Malaysians made fun of her for using the word ‘babi’, the Malay word for pig (if you don’t already know, pig or pork is haram in Islam).

The international pop star, who is of Albanian descent, wrote “Happy Birthday babi” on the social media platform yesterday – with a cute baby photo of her and her father. Although the word ‘babi’ means pig in Bahasa Malaysia, the word actually carries the meaning of father in Albanian.

With the amount of Malaysians mocking the singer for the use of the word in her comments, Dua ultimately edited the post to be captioned as “Happy Birthday Dad”.

Dua Lipa is set to perform here in Malaysia for her Self-Titled Tour in Kuala Lumpur on May 3. But with they way Malaysians acted, some fans expressed their fear of her reconsidering the show. Thankfully, the Malay Mail reported that the singer’s record label confirmed there will no changes to her scheduled appearance at KL Live.

Some Malaysians have come out and denounced those mocking the artiste over the term:

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