Malaysians Chose myundi As Their Preferred Platform of Keeping Track During GE15

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It seems like just yesterday when the GE15 craze was going on. Regardless of who you voted for, if at all, Malaysians definitely kept up with the recently concluded 15th Malaysian General Elections.

Many of whom did so with the help of myundi, a one-stop election portal developed by REV Media Group (RMG), where visitors were able to keep up with latest news regarding individual candidates, parties and election developments.

First launched in 2018 for GE14, myundi introduced a new feature called Suara Kita for GE15. This gave Malaysians a chance to voice their opinions by penning their ideas regarding the new government that was to be elected.

Suara Kita enabled RMG to collect data and map its internal proprietary solution, REV ID, to power the first party data collection which allowed RMG to optimise their content reach and conversion over the course of GE15.

source: Tenor

With the upcoming state elections in 2023, RMG aims to provide a better experience to the voters via myundi and also higher value to the brands and clients by maximising the First Party Data via REV ID.

Currently, RMG intends to use this data for more targeted campaigns that would amount to better overall conversion.

According to Comscore’s Internet Audience Data for Malaysia in September 2022, Malaysia’s total digital population amounts to 20.6 million.

With that in mind, RMG revealed that around 10.4 million people visited their various platforms including New Straits Time, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, Free Malaysia Today, and SAYS.

This electoral season saw tremendous growth for myundi as well as all digital sites under the RMG umbrella in comparison to GE14, with the number of myundi users rising by 85% accompanied by a staggering 316% increase in pageviews.

To top that all off, 82 million impressions were recorded through all digital advertisements solidifying RMG as a reliable advertising and marketing platform.

Be sure to check out myundi’s official website for more information!