Malaysian Student Caught By Teacher For Bringing iPhone 14 To Class Later Reveals It Was Correction Tape

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source: SAYS

Have you ever gotten into trouble at school? If you answered no, props to you. On the other hand, if you’re having a ‘Nam flashback of all the times you got sent to the bilik disiplin or got told off by prefects, I feel you.

Now let me follow that up with another question. What’s an item that’s prohibited in most Malaysian schools which always ends up getting confiscated? Phones!

This was what happened recently to a Malaysian student after he got caught with an iPhone 14 in his possession… kinda.

LU KENA GAME! (You Got Played)

source: Kosmo Digital

Just from the title of the article, you’d already know that the iPhone in question was in fact just a super fancy case for some correction tape.

I mean look at it! There’s no way you can tell me that it doesn’t look like the real thing at first glance. The teacher who caught her student with the ‘phone’ uploaded a video of the entire ordeal onto her Tiktok; @cikgu_baby.

In the video, she can be heard pressing the student regarding why he’d bring a phone to school. The student simply replied that he needed it for emergencies and pushed up a lever which revealed the ‘phone’ to be a correction tape in disguise!

Netizens Are Loving It

As you can see from the various comments that flooded her video, netizens were very amused with the student’s cheekiness. Some even requested for the teacher to ask the student where he got it from to get it for themselves!

One user joked that the student had a really pricey correction tape to his name while another added that the phone was in fact an iPhone 20 instead of an iPhone 14.

Check out the full Tiktok video posted by the teacher down below:

@cikgu_baby Ip14 plk dia bawak🤣🤣 emergency nak correction 😆 #ragamanakmurid #schoollife #muriddanguru #perangaianak #fyp #cikgutiktok #iphone ♬ original sound – cikgubaby