Malaysian Spider-Man Falls for a Fatal Selfie

According to The Star, Malaysian student Lee Yang Hao – who was a cosplay fan – unfortunately fell to his death dressed up as Spider-Man while taking a selfie.

Lee Yang Hao, 29. (source: The Star Online)

The incident happened in Taipei where he was studying at Changhua county’s Da-Yeh University. On a Wednesday night, a random student was passing by the dormitory building and found Lee unconscious, he then notified the university and police. But Lee was already dead when the authorities reached the scene.

Chan Ting-yu, head of the investigation unit at Changhua county police department’s Yuanlin precincts, stated that there was no witness to the whole situation. So, while they were unable to determine the cause of death, it was believed that Lee was taking selfies on the balcony of the fifth floor when he fell. They also found his cellphone at the same area.

CCTV footage of Lee being rushed to the emergency department in a hospital in Taiwan. (source: The Star Online)

Earlier, Lee had told his classmate and his roommate that he was going outside to take some photos with his Spider-Man costume. It was also reported that students and staff had seen Lee on campus earlier in the day. The 29-year-old loved cosplay and had worn the costume to classes before. In fact, he was known to lecturers and peers because of his hobby.

Soon after, a video aired on TVBS showing blurred pictures of Lee’s body, the place he was found, and his closet in the hostel, which was full of clothes and what looked like Spider-Man costumes.

Lee’s family in Malaysia has been contacted by Da-Yeh University and will arrange for them to travel to Taiwan.

A report released in November 2016 stated that worldwide 127 people have died and many have been injured in a 29-month span from March 2014 through September 2016 while trying to take photos of themselves. So in order to be safe, make sure to always check your surroundings and location before taking any photos as it can spare your life. We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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