This Chinese Family Went From Flab to Fab After Working Out Together for 6 Months

This Chinese family will make you start re-evaluating yours and have you kickstarting 2018 with a mad workout session in no time.

Photos of the family went viral on the internet after netizens witnessed the family’s shocking weight loss transformation in the span of just six months. You know what they say, a family that works out together, stays together… alright, maybe we just made that up but the saying stays true with this family.

XY Jesse, a 32-year old photographer, came up with the idea when his parents moved in with him and his pregnant wife. Obviously excited about the pregnancy, Jesse’s mom wanted to help with her daughter-in-law’s last stage of pregnancy, according to Bored Panda.

Jesse knew his father was an alcoholic, with the potbelly to prove it. With this, Jesse devised a weight loss program to help his dad regain passion for his life.

They started out with simple activities like brisk-walking and jogging.

Then, they headed out to the gym, and pulled out the big guns.

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They tracked their progression by measuring the changes every 10 days.

Six months later, voila! New year, new me, right?

Why, hello daddies. *insert heart-shape eyes*

With the amazing results, both father and son abandoned the six-month plan and are now committed to living the healthy life. Jesse, who went through a huge transformation himself, claimed that despite his transformation, the most rewarding result was seeing his father becoming more and more confident.

But we figure the family not only went through an amazing weight loss transformation, the experience probably drew the family closer than ever too. 


Well folks, it’s not too late for you to start living out the healthy lifestyle yourself. It’s 2018, and with that you’ve got a fresh start to begin your own transformation.